Hello everybody,

The site is looking incredible and we can’t wait for you to join us!

The Audio Farm Festival build crew are on site and are very excited to be welcoming you from this Thursday.

We have put together some rules and guidelines to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. Please respect these as it will make the party run smoother and safer!

The Festival is set in the beautiful grounds of Hopton Court Estate. Please respect that there are living and working residents at this site before, during and after the gathering.


Please ensure you have printed off or downloaded your tickets before arrival as the phone signal is not great!

Can I bring alcohol?

As with all independent festivals this year has been more of a financial struggle. We are particularly relying on bar sales this year to keep us afloat, so please do not bring excessive amounts of alcohol and support our event by buying our delicious ice cold beverages at the bar.

There will be the usual limit you can bring through the gate of 1 crate of beer/cider OR 1 box of wine OR 1 bottle of spirit but if you can afford it, bring less and help us out.

No underage drinking is allowed and you may be asked for ID. For safety, no glass is allowed on site.

It is critical that you DO NOT drive through Hopton Wafers Village to access the site. Please follow the below map, and directional signs via COMMON LANE to get to site. You can type Equitrain Limited into your satnav to get going the right way, and then Hopton Court from there on.

We are at risk of losing our licence if festival traffic go through the village, so please stick to this map.

Car Parking is available on site. It’s only a 5-10 Minute walk to the campsite.

  • Accreditation will be located at the entrance car park.

When can I get there?

The 2022 festival gates open at 2pm Thursday 1st September.

How long can I stay?
We need everyone off site by 2pm Tuesday 6th September 2022.

Can I come and go?
We don’t lock you in, however we ask you not to leave once you’ve got to site until home time as it causes traffic disruptions. We have everything you need on site – delicious vegan food, tasty bevs and a corner shop for essentials. Why would you want to leave the best party ever?

Can I have a campfire?
Absolutely no fires are allowed anywhere on site under any circumstances. We will have a controlled bonfire accompanied by fire performers every evening until the early hours to keep you warm and glowing.

Can I bring my camping stove and other cooking facilities?

Yes, as long as all cooking is done safely in open air and not in enclosed spaces such as tents as this poses a carbon monoxide poisoning and fire risk. Please be conscious that Audio Farm is 100% vegan and we encourage people not to bring or cook animal products.

Can I bring my dog?
No, sorry. No pets allowed on site. That includes ferrets, parrots, tarantulas and everything in between.

Is there somewhere I can park?

Yes, but you need to buy a car park ticket before you come on site, available here www.audiofarmfestival.org/tickets. We encourage people to share lifts if possible. The car park is a short walk to the camping area.

Is water available on site?

There are water points on site where you can fill a bottle. We will not be selling water in single use plastic containers!

Is the festival family friendly?

Yes! We have a dedicated kid’s area and family camping. We pride ourselves on being a safe, fun and educational space for kids.

Will there be showers and washing facilities?
There are a limited number of showers in the campsite.

Anything else?
Please no large flags, kites or sky lanterns in the camping field as there are overhead power lines. Unless you are a booked artist, please do not bring spray paint or it will be confiscated and returned to you after the event – this is because people have previously tagged hire items which caused a big financial hit for the festival.

Illegal Drugs

We will not tolerate the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs, including Nitrous Oxide and all other products now banned under the New Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

We provide multiple opportunities to voluntarily amnesty any prohibited items.

If you are found to be in possession of illegal substances, having failed to take the opportunity to amnesty when given, you will be ejected from site.

Anyone caught in possession of a sufficient quantity of illegal drugs to be suspected of dealing, will be handed over to the police.


Sound System

Our noise mitigation plan and licence does not allow for any sound systems or personal speakers iPlease do not bring your own sound systems to site as these can disturb others that are wanting to take a break and rest, we have plenty of fantastic music and entertainment at the festival with much better speakers, so come and join in the fun there!