Hello everybody,

The site is looking incredible and we can’t wait for you to join us!

The Audio Farm Festival build crew are on site and are very excited to be welcoming you from this Thursday!

Bring your ID with you and negative lateral flow test with you to accreditation, and they will provide you with your necessary wristbands and passes so you can access the festival site.

We have put together some rules and guidelines to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. Please respect these as it will make things much harder for the organisers, venue and stewards if people don’t.

Please also carefully read the contract, this will need to be signed before coming on site, and can be signed and read here:

The Festival is set in the beautiful grounds of the Hopton Court Grounds. Please respect that there are living and working residents at this site before, during and after the gathering.


  • You will need to show proof of a NEGATIVE Lateral Flow Test to be given access to site. This can be the confirmation text from the NHS,  a photo of your negative test, or the test itself.

  • Please review the site map for access, site entrance and car park information.

  • The Festival site address and postcode for main entrance is:  Hopton Court, Hopton Wafers, Kidderminster, Shropshire, DY14 0EF

  • Car Parking is available on site. It’s only a 5-10 Minute walk to the campsite.

  • Accreditation will be located at the entrance car park.


  • Audio Farm encourages the use of coaches / minibus tickets, or lift share programmes.

  • The nearest train stations are Ludlow, Kidderminster and Hartlebury.

  • We advise your book local taxi services in advance as they have a limited number of cars.


  • Audio Farm Festival is open to the public from 2pm Thursday 2nd September, until 12pm Tuesday 7th September.

  • Each night the gates and accreditation will close at 22:00.


  • Vehicles on site can only enter using the designated entrance gates.

  • There is a 5mph speed limit on site.

  • Vehicles must drive on and off site marked on the map, and nowhere else on site.

  • If damage is caused to the site by a person or vehicle on site, Audio Farm Festival is not liable, and the person who causes it is liable for costs incurred.

  • Car Parking ticket holders can utilise the car park facilities. Please note that no sleeping, no camping or no fires are allowed in the car parks.

  • Campervan parking pass holders can utilise the campervan facilities.


  • No leaving site or festival boundaries once you have been through accreditation.

  • Respect the neighbours and residents of the estate. Do not trespass on their property.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy on sexual assault and  harrassment on site.

  • No Smoking in tents both in the arena and campsite.

  • No candles are to be used inside or near tents. Please use a torch.

  • No BBQ’s, campfires or gas stoves are to be used on the campsite.

  • No camping is permitted in the fire lanes or emergency access routes in the campsite.

  • No glass on site. Any glass brought on site will be confiscated.

  • NO animals (except registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, sky lanterns or kites, unauthorised fireworks, or wax flares. Persons using fireworks will be evicted from site and materials confiscated.

  • No unauthorised tape recorders, professional film or video equipment are allowed onsite. Cameras for personal use are welcome.

  • No gazebos on site.

  • You may bring a reasonable amount of your own alcohol on to the campsite. Any amount deemed to be excessive for reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the gates. A guide to what is deemed a ‘reasonable’ amount is regarded as  18 x 440ml cans of lager/cider/beer OR 20 x 250ml cans of premix spirit drinks OR a 3-litre box of wine OR 7 litres of cider/lager/beer

  • We would ask that you do not bring glass on site and that you use our recycling points when you’re finished.

  • No alcohol may be brought into the Arena.

  • At the bars, anyone who looks under 25 will be asked for ID. Under-age drinking is not permitted. If you are asked for ID and you do not have any, you will not be served alcohol.

  • We highly recommend ankle supporting and protective footwear whilst on site.

  • We highly recommend you bring water storage containers for your campsite.

  • You may be searched at the entrance for any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner – which will be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may also be searched and face eviction.

  • We are a vegan ethical festival, and would like to respect this ethos. No animal products will be sold on site.


  • Recycling and sustainability are a cornerstone of Audio Farm principles. Audio Farm always aims to reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Please use the recycling bins dotted around the site to contribute to keeping the castle grounds in pristine condition, hence leaving no trace.

  • Reusable ‘eco cups’ and ‘eco bottles’ are used to cut down on plastic waste at the bars and in the arena and campsite areas. The festival is using a ‘eco cup’ deposit scheme to encourage this and festival goers can also purchase ‘eco bottles’ to store water.

  • We will be providing rubbish bags to festival goers.

  • Please refrain from bringing glitter on site. Glitter is litter!


  • There is a cash back facility at the Bar in the festival site.

  • There is a Kids Area, and family camping area.

  • Toilets are available in the camping area and the festival area.

  • There are bars and ethical & vegan food vendors available in the arena.


  • Stewards located in the camping field and arena. They can direct and advise you, and are the first port of call in an emergency, be it a medical or security issue.

  • Please do not take up too much space when setting up camp. Please do not bring a gazebo. They needlessly take up valuable camping space (and there are plenty of more interesting places to sit at the Festival than just outside your tent).

  • Please leave the fire lanes clear

  • No campfires are allowed, there will be a fire in the main arena for everyone to enjoy.

  • Please do not leave any kit or rubbish behind when you leave the festival and estate.

  • Leave No Trace