“Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings, the horizon leans forward, Offering you space to create new steps of change”. A millisecond of silence hangs in the air like a vacuum in deep space. Then. …Boom! The crowd erupts as the breaks charge out the speakers across the dancefloor like horses bolting out of the stable door. Dumbfounded, watching this elegant creature galloping in its natural habitat with tears in my eyes unashamedly watching LTJ Bukem drop his seminal track ‘Horizons’ at Glastonbury’s Silver Hayes 5 years ago.

Danny Williamson’s marriage of Jazz and second-wave Detroit techno with raw, hardcore breaks from the UK made his sound sit side-by-side with the likes of Lenny Dee, Slipmatt, and Carl Cox in early tape packs and Dreamscape flyers and yet miles apart sonically. He became a poster boy for the burgeoning ‘Intelligent Drum & bass’ of the 90s that tied likes of Roni Size, Goldie, and Adam F together under one umbrella.
Instead of reading a whole lifted, dusty biography, we’ve put together a selection of some of Bukem’s biggest moments on wax.

With its lush, thick, Juno pads laid over rough-shot amen breaks, Deamon’s theme was the first record to be released on the seminal, Good Looking Records.

Sampling the 91 track ‘Thoughts Of Mind‘ for his 93 Good Looking release gives the sample a whole new lease of life.

This absolute heartstring tugger is easily one of the most memorable tracks in D&B history
Atlantis is the remix of Bukem’s own Apollo 2 guise, a track called Return To Atlantis. That iconic riff, however, dates back to banger from 1990 called ‘Real To Real’ by Surken.

LTJ Bukem will be closing down our Saturday evening with solid support from Manchester’s finest. Rich Reason and Biome.

-: Check this really informative video clocked while I was looking for one of the above links.
It’s an interesting look at how music in general is made