We're absolutely ecstatic to have Manchester's legendary Homoelectric bringing us a well-needed dose of their own brand of rainy-city hedonism to our Sundance stage at Audio Farm Festival.

From the creators of Electric Chair and The End Of Year Riot right the way to Homobloc, The team behind Homoelectric has been fuelling the party flame in Manchester for over 3 decades with a genuine earnest attitude that prioritises the people on the dancefloor.
The lineup for their Audio Farm Festival doesn't let this proud tradition down, with the great bear of the Berlin house scene, Prosumer and Manchester legend in her own right, DJ Paulette joining up for an onstage love-in.
Not being overshadowed, the Homoelectric residents are considered some of the finest selectors around in their own right and we're lucky enough to be seeing Gina Breeze and Will Tramp exposing you to a sleazy underbelly of Manchester's vibrant club culture with their own inimitable obnoxious cocktail of black curtain disco, muscular house, and rampant chunky grooves.

In fine fashion to mark the announcement of Homoelectric at Audio Farm, Will Tramp sat down to create a scientifically perfect mixtape in the form of a Spotify playlist for your journey down to Hopton Court this September.
All that Will has  asked for in return is that you file this under: 'Road Trip Slayers'

You can catch Will and all the team assembled, plying their trade on the Friday of the festival.



We're just around the corner from the start of the festival calendar, with many of us chomping at the bit, itching to get outside for a bit of a rave-up in a field or even a local park with a mini rig and a bottle of Buckfast.
Well, to make these symptoms even worse we've been asking some of the artists on our bill what their favourite festival tracks are and why they're so special.
We've been happy and surprised at some of the results:

Ste Chesters (Audio Farm Festival)
"One of my fav tunes at the festival of all time is when Carl Craig dropped Gypsy Woman in 2018 on the Sundance stage. I was sorting some staffing at the stage and as soon as I heard it, I ran from the situation and raved in the sun. Magic

Mark Archer (Altern8)
“It’s just one of those tracks that’s passed down well through the past couple of decades, it’s a beast of a track and a brilliant sing-a-long track that is a perfect set closer”.

Steevio (Freerotation)
“I can't remember how many times I lay on my back with my eyes closed in a chillout tent at some festy or another, coming down from a night of hedonistic fun x”

High Hoops "Picked this beast up in a wicked shop in Marseille late last year. So many things we love about this track from the heavy acid tinges to the tripped-out goa trance-like vocals. Absolute killer”

Aloona (Ministry Of Sound).
“Every time I hear it I am transfixed by this beautiful rousing blend of Indian drums, orchestral harmonies, and electronica. Perfect to welcome the start of a festival day”

Blasha & Allatt (Meat Free)
"Give me a UK raver worth their salt that doesn't get excited when this comes on! Absolute classic! We went through of a phase playing this out loads about a year ago, but still bangs each and every time"

Sam Watson (Freerotation)
This track for me sums up everything I love about techno. It has purpose, progression, melody, depth, drive, darkness and beauty and takes you to a place where you step out of reality. If played anywhere especially a festival it's the kind of track to lose yourself in.

Many thanks to everyone that contributed to the cause.
You can catch these talented performers over the course of the weekend, be on the lookout for the line ups and full stage guides that will be released shortly.
In the meantime you can check out the blog for more features, articles and mixes from festivals past.

Audio Farm 2018 Revisited: SPECIAL REQUEST & XDB live

With festival season in full swing and it feels weird that there is no audio farm event this year, however, we're getting some much-needed rest and recuperation ahead of future plans.
With the hope of taking you back to Hopton Court last year, we've got a double offer of world-class music recorded on the Saturday at Audio farm.
From a hazy afternoon on the Sundance stage, we have a favourite from this year's Freerotation festival the larger than life XDB. And from The Home Of The Drum stage later that evening, Paul Woolford's rave marauder alias 'Special Request' It's fair to say that these two artists are at the forefront of what they do and we're so happy we can finally share these with you.
Many thanks to Alex Downey for all the help in capturing these recordings.

Look to the website, Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook pages for more mixes and up to date information about our upcoming events and shows x


It’s been 10 years since Audio Farm opened the gates to a journey that has taken us on an explosive ride of colour and sound that’s took in some of the finest DJ’s, artists and bands the world has to offer in the ever-expanding adventure.

So, it only seemed right that Audio Farm came back to Manchester to recreate the excitement and electricity of that Thursday in January 2009, where the first needle dropped onto the Audio Farm turntables, with music blasting through the night in the Northern Quarters Moho Live, right through to the after parties in the infamous basement of 148 Wellington Road, Withington.

The Audio Farm journey has created Free Forest Parties and Secret Venues to Club Takeovers, Holistic Events and 6 Transformative Festivals with a mindset for ever-changing, innovative and evolving gatherings that bring beautiful people together to enjoy eclectic musical soundscapes and immersive delights from all corners of the planet.

So, the Audio Farm Family ask everyone who has been part of the journey along the way to be part of an extra special, unique and magical Audio Farm 10th Birthday celebration that will showcase the best elements of the story so far...

////// WHAT'S GOING ON? \\\\\\
****** HOME OF THE DRUM (LIVE) ******
A place to enjoy some Live Funk, Ska, Gypsy Folk, Tribal and Electronic Bands, with staged Theatrical Circus Shows. Later join in on the Jam until 4am, (bring that instrument!).
8:30pm - The Beatnik Collective
9:15pm - Circus Show
9:45pm - Galivantes
10:30pm - Circus Show
11pm - Mama Moonshine
11:45pm - Circus Show
12:15am - Barry Gammon & the Midday Incident
1am - Circus Show
1:30am - Age of Glass
2:30am - Jam with Rasta Drummers & The Beatnik Collective
(Bring your instrument)

****** BASEMENT ******
>>>>> 10pm until 4am - Audio Farmers <<<<< The Audio Farmers will be curating the nights music in a basement (home from home), bringing together a selection of forwarding thinking and classic House and Techno tracks that have made people move on the dance floor over the last 10 years. ****** PRE EVENT GONG BATH / SOUND JOURNEY INFO ****** >>>>> 7:15pm until 8:15pm <<<<<< Get in the zone with a sound journey. Paul is a certified gong master and will provide a variety of rejuvenating sounds, intuitively played to create the soundtrack for your own personal "journey" of inner space. This is more than a “performance” and is more of a meditational experience. Through the use of various holistic instruments such as gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, drum, rattles, and chimes, a cocoon of living tones will provide holistic healing for the many layers of your being, including the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies we all possess. These sacred tones are catalysts for deep meditative states, facilitating the potential for lucid visions, dematerialisation, a sense of levitation or astral projection. When we are in these states, our bodies are extremely relaxed, enabling the body’s natural healing processes to take place efficiently, with great effect. (BRING WARM CLOTHES, BLANKET AND MAT IF POSSIBLE AS WILL BE SITTING OR LYING DOWN.)


Graham Fletcher is an electronic music trooper of the most diligent.
Meeting him some years back on the campsite of Freerotation some years back, it was clear from a cursory conversation that I was just treading water in shallows of a Mariana trench depth level of electronic music knowledge.

That musical knowledge is spread over two sets featuring his performances on both our main 'Sundance' stage and also his early morning ambient set at our 'Nest' stage.
Graham is no stranger to the latter, having spent over 16 hours behind the turntables on the Nest stage in 2017's One Tribe festival alongside his turntable tag team partner and another one of our family favourite, Luke Farey.


Audio Farm Festival Site Rules

Hello everybody,

The Audio Farm Festival build crew are on site and are very excited to be welcoming you from this Thursday.

All types of tickets will be available on the door and online at www.onetribefestival.org.

Please take the time to read all of the following important information as it could potentially affect your enjoyment and safety for the weekend if you have a ticket.

Audio Farm presents Audio Farm Festival is a collective who all share the ethos of wanting to make positive change by creating an open minded environment, where performers, artists, musicians and creatives can thrive.

We have put together some rules and guidelines to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure everyone is comfortable. Please respect these as it will make things much harder for the organisers, venue and stewards if people don’t.

The Festival is set in the beautiful grounds of the Cholmondely Castle Estate. Please respect that there are living and working residents at this site before, after and during the gathering.


· Please ensure you have printed off or downloaded your ticket on to your phone prior to arrival. The tickets QR code will need to be scanned for you to gain entry to the festival site.


· Please review the site map for access, site entrance and car park information.

· The Festival site address and postcode for main entrance is:

Cholmondeley Castle, Beeston Road, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8HD.

· Car Parking is available on site. It’s only a 5-10 Minute walk to the campsite.

· Accreditation will be located at the entrance car park.


· One Tribe encourages the use of coaches / minibus tickets, or lift share programmes.

· The nearest train stations are Nantwich, Wrenbury and Whitchurch.

· We advise you book local taxi services in advance as they have a limited number of cars.


· Audio Farm Festival is open to the public from 10am Thursday 3rd August, until 2pm Tuesday 8th August.

· Each night the site will close at 12 midnight. On Sunday night the gate will finally close at 12 midnight.


· Vehicle on site can only enter using the designated entrance gates.

· Vehicles must drive on and off site marked on the map, and nowhere else on site.

· If damage is caused to the site by person or vehicle on site, Audio Farm Festival is not liable, and the person who causes is liable for costs incurred.

· Car Parking ticket holders can utilise the car park facilities. Please note that no sleeping, camping or fires are allowed in the car parks.

· Campervan parking pass holders can utilise the campervan facilities.


· No leaving site or festival boundaries once you have been through accreditation.

· Respect the neighbours and residents of the estate. Do not trespass on to their property.

· No Smoking in tents both in the arena and campsite.

· No candles are to be used inside or near tents. Please use a torch.

· No BBQ’s, campfires or gas stoves are to be used on the campsite.

· No glass on site. Any glass brought on site will be confiscated.

· NO animals (except registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, sky lanterns or kites, unauthorised fireworks, or wax flares. Persons using fireworks will be evicted from site and materials confiscated.

· No unauthorised tape recorders, professional film or video equipment are allowed on-site. Cameras for personal use are welcome.

· No gazebos on site.

· You may bring your own alcohol on to the campsite. Any amount deemed to be excessive for reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the gates. We would ask that you do not bring glass on site and that you use our recycling points when you’re finished.

· No alcohol may be brought in to the Arena. At the bars, anyone who looks under 25 will be asked for ID. Underage drinking is not permitted. If you are asked for ID and you do not have any, you will not be served alcohol.

· We highly recommend ankle supporting and protective footwear whilst on site.

· We highly recommend you bring water storage containers for your campsite.

· You may be searched at the entrance for any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner – which will be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities on-site may also be searched and face eviction.


· Recycling and sustainability are a cornerstone of One Tribes principles. One Tribe always aims to reduce One Tribes impact on the environment.

· Please use the recycling bins dotted around the site to contribute to keeping the castle grounds in pristine condition, hence leaving no trace.

· Reusable ‘eco cups’ and ‘eco bottles’ are used to cut down on plastic waste at the bars and in the arena and campsite areas. The festival is using a ‘eco cup’ deposit scheme to encourage this and festival goers can also purchase ‘eco bottles’ to store water.

· We will be providing rubbish bags to festival goers. If a full bag of rubbish is collected, it can be exchanged for 1 drinks token.

· Please only bring biodegradable glitter on site. Biodegradable glitter will also be available for purchase on site.


· There is a cash machine on the festival site.

· There is a Kids Area, and family camping area.

· Showers and toilets are available in the camping area.

· There are bars and ethical & vegan food vendors available in the arena.


• Stewards located in the camping field and arena. They can direct and advise you, and are your first port of call in an emergency, be it a medical or security issue.

• Please do not take up too much space when setting up camp. Please do not bring a gazebo. They needlessly take up valuable camping space (and there are plenty of more interesting places to sit at the Festival than just outside your tent).

• Please do not leave any kit or rubbish behind when you leave the festival and castle estate.


There's much more to one tribe than the hypnotic rhythms and rising tones on our world class talent packed stages.
Over the course of the weekend, you'll see the festival grow and morph in front of your eyes thanks to a fantastic array of sculptors, designers and spray artists, that are lending their expertise to give One Tribe festival its own, unique fingerprint.

Just two of these artists that will be on hand to help achieve this goal are the Six Foot Clan Tag, a duo that applies acrylic to concrete in projects across Manchester and beyond.
Originally the brainchild of illustration student, Huw Jones (AKA Pij) and Matty Altman (AKA Shoguns Reach) the tag team have been working together for over 5 years and have diversified beyond the streets through programmes, commissions and clothing.

Be sure to check these as well as many other fascinating sculptors, environmental artist and top-notch craftsmen, including our own hyper-talented build crews creations, many of whom build the world renowned Greenpeace area at Glastonbury festival.
All this and more will be waiting and ready to help to stimulate your senses at Audio Farm Festival.


Pulsing through the night, powered by a fusion core of molten Detroit soul, underpinned German engineering, 'Home Of The Drum - By Night', will be piloted by some of the most legendary figures the global techno scene has to offer.
To help get acquainted with the talent we've got on offer,  we've decided to put together a very special 'Home Of The Drum - After Dark' Spotify Playlist, to give your ears a bit of a rub down.

This playlist takes a tour round a few highlights of our guest's prolific careers, taking in the likes of Juan Atkins' seminal 1982 record as Cybotron - Clear, as well as fellow Detroit resident, DJ Bone's 'It's All About'.
Scottish legends, Slam, have painted their way through seven shades of techno textures over the years, as you can see from their first release on their own Soma Recordings, 'Eterna'.
And we have XDB and his fist pumping, 'Indywa' whereas Fellow Freerotator, DJ October on the list with tracks like, 'Drama Queen'.

You can catch these guys alongside residents of some of the area's most respected party platforms. Manchester vinyl monolith, Eastern Bloc will be represented by Kerrie, *Means&3rd and Akram and front-running techno party,  Meat Free will be in control of Saturday, with their residents: Blasha & Allatt Alice Woods and Lucy Ironmonger.
Liverpool's leaders in the underground and hosts of Friday's party, 303, take over with their residents: Kenny Muir Stuart Hodson and Gemma Muir. Not to mention our residents: Leon Mittenacht, Gary Sloan and Tom Houghton.

For more playlists from us and our guests, you can subscribe to our Spotify page. You can just cloick It's right there. It'd be rude not to.
You can also check out exclusive mixes and more music on our SoundCloud page.

Audio Farm Festival Phase 3 Line up

Audio Farm Festival Phase 3 Line up

**** Phase 3 Line-up + New Stage Announcement ****
Audio Farm Festival Phase 3 Line up; One Tribe’s Festival’s carefully curated line up blossoms as spring begins to slowly creep up. Phase 3 of the Festival’s colossal line up sees the addition of some true musical heavy weights being added to the polyphonic panorama of talent. These additions come in the form of Progressive Bass Music Traveler, Biome, who will be joining DnB maestros Ivy Lab, Chimpo, Rich Reason, Microphone rockers DRS and Chunky, and daytime beats from The Dub Smugglers and Red Eye HiFi. Splendid additions to the Depths of Bass Stage.
Home of the Drum welcomes rave icons Jeff 23 and Crystal Distortion to the lineup. Both part of SP23, the collective that played a central role in the famous Spiral Tribe Sound System. This will guarantee the temperature rising in the castle grounds.
In addition to the 6 jam packed stages of some of the finest DJ’s and musicians in the world, One Tribe have announced a 7th Stage; The Den. An intimate venue which by day will play host to an eclectic collection of musicians playing live acoustic, folk, and jazz music, and at night a selection of Funk and Disco from an amazing collection of handpicked DJ’s from around the country from the likes of Manchester party hero, Will Tramp to eclectic underground Stormtrooper, Pete Mangalore.

**** £105 Phase 2 Tickets On sale till Tuesday 7th March – 8pm ****
With only a few Phase 2 Tickets left after the surge of sales, Audio Farm Festival are now keeping the £105 Phase 2 Tickets on sale till Tuesday 7th at 8pm. Giving everyone the opportunity to buy one, before they go to Phase 3 at £115.

One Love, One Tribe x

Phase 1 Tickets Sold Out

Phase 1 Tickets sold out. Phase 2 Tickets are now £105 for a 5 Day Ticket

5 Day Experience with 24 Hour Music / All Profits to Charity / 6 Music Stages / World Music / Beautiful Scenic Site / Forest / Art & Decor / Yoga & Meditation / Sculptures / Holistic and Alternative Therapies from Ancient Cultures / Talks / Circus Acts / Family Camping / Crafts / Fire Shows / 50+ instrumental drumming Jams / Plus Many More…..
******* THE LINE-UP SO FAR *******
////// Phase 2 Lineup Release / Across 6 Stages
:: JUAN ATKINS (Metroplex / Tresor Records) ::
:: BODDIKA (NonPlus+) ::
:: SLAM (Soma Records) ::
:: DJ BONE ::
:: TREVINO (Klockworks/Hotflush/3024/Birdie) ::
:: D.A.V.E. THE DRUMMER (Hydraulix Records) ::
++++ Many More TBC ++++
>>>> FOREST STAGE <<<<
:: MOVE D ::
:: LONE ::
:: XDB ::
:: DJ OCTOBER (Tanstaafl / Skudge Recordings) ::
:: DAVID K ::
++++ Many More TBC ++++
:: AFRIQUOI (Live) ::
:: THE TURBANS (Live) ::
:: TANTZ (Live) ::
:: HENGE (Live) ::
:: HEDGE GODS (Live) ::
:: BEATNIKS (Live Drumming Collective) ::
:: TREEDRUMMERS (Live Drumming Collective)::
:: DRUM MACHINE (Live Drumming Collective) ::
++++ MORE TBC ++++
:: DJ HYPE (3 Hour History of DnB Set) ::
:: CALIBRE (Soul:R) ::
:: LSN ::
:: BANE ::
++++ MORE TBC ++++
:: GAUDI ::
:: FABIO & MOON ::
:: E-CLIP ::
:: CIMI ::
:: HAMISH ::
++++ MORE TBC ++++
>>>> AMBIENT STAGE (24 HOUR) <<<<
:: MOBIUS LOOP (Live) ::
:: EVAN GRAHAM (Live) ::
:: TOM METCALFE (Live) ::
++++ Many More TBC ++++
***** TICKETS *****
Phase 1 Tickets - SOLD OUT
£105 Phase 2 tickets (5 day ticket pass), on sale now from www.onetribefestival.org/tickets
***** ABOUT *****
One Tribe is more than a Festival, it’s an immersive cocoon of energy that radiates outward through the beautiful backdrop of the (Location TBC) in Cheshire. Audio Farm Festival is a constant swell of sights, sounds and tactile pleasures over a 5 day fusion of music, arts and culture that’s been lovingly curated to transcend age, gender and break down barriers to provide an indelible mark of positivity and change.
Fuelled by a devoted community that builds the One Tribe microcosm, Audio Farm Festival exudes captivating vibrations from some of the world’s finest DJ’s, bands and artists from every far flung corner of earth. As the music flows through the sound systems, colouring the day and painting pictures through the night, a spectrum of circus performers, fire eaters, acrobats, artisans and drumming collectives will confound, dazzle, delight and inspire, punctuating the festival story.
One Tribe is a wealth of experiences that stimulates all the human senses. A world of possibilities. An explosion of imagination. A safe space to expand skill sets with workshops and talks.
Talented healers drenched in knowledge offer alternative treatments to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul through holistic disciplines, massage, guided meditation, gong baths and yoga.
Independent throughout, Audio Farm Festival is proudly a non profit, non corporate organism that funds the work of The Green Paw Project with its profits. A charity that resolutely works to save and improve the lives of helpless and vulnerable animals in third world countries.
So, this August be part of One Tribe as we grow, learn and push back our horizons.
***** LOCATION *****
Cholmondeley Castle Estate, Malpas SY14 8AH
Tickets from www.onetribefestival.org/tickets]
Phase 1 Tickets - SOLD OUT
“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.” - William Blake
Phase 1 Tickets
Phase 1 Tickets