The number one objective for Audio Farm is to deliver safe events. Audio Farm HQ will be working closely with all the local authorities and emergency services to ensure we deliver a safe Covid19 events.

// Social distancing will not be enforced – but that doesn’t mean everyone will want a sweaty hug straight away! #consent //

// Audio Farm will comply to all post Covid19 risk assessment procedures, laws and legislations //

// All these measures are being put in place to ensure safety, while not taking away from what will undoubtedly be wonderful and magical gatherings //

What happens to my tickets if the festival gets cancelled due to Covid19?

We are well aware that in these unique times things change very quickly. If the worst happens and the event is forced to cancel, your tickets will automatically roll over to the next event. There will also be a period where you will be eligible for a full refund.  Your ticket money is safe with Audio Farm LTD.

Big Love

Audio Farm HQ