We could sit here all day and talk about how animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, or the horrific practices of the dairy farming industry… But we thought we would focus on the positives of how Audio Farm Festival aims to lower its carbon footprint, and to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare and planet saving:

Audio Farm Festival has always ran as a non profit, non corporate, fundraising roots festival in which all profits made are donated to UK and Malawi animal and environmental charity, Green Paw Project.

By the end of 2020 we aim to raise a further £10,000. This will contribute to donations already generated by our previous events and festivals to aid in the research and development of ‘Mission Malawi’. Over the next few years the objective of Mission Malawi is to build an animal wildlife facility, plant 1000s of new tree seedlings, and protect established trees and forests. All helping protect the world’s most ancient and delicate ecosystem in these uncertain times.

Proudly, since 2015 all Audio Farm events and festivals have been vegan. Making certain that all of our food traders share not only our plant-based ethos, but our vegan ethos. We believe that plant-based food doesn’t have to bland or boring, it can be an explosive colour of dishes from across the globe, using organic and ethically sourced produce. This also applies to our non food traders. Who supply a variety of creative, handmade wares. Using only sustainably sourced, vegan materials. All alcohol served on site is also vegan. We also don’t allow plastic bottles or cutlery on site. All cutlery is reusable or biodegradable.

Regardless of your dietary preferences or beliefs, we invite you to open your mind and hearts to what Audio Farm Festival has to offer. As we use our platform to spread seeds of positive change, prepare for a magical weekend surrounded by like-minded festival friends.

More info on Audio Farm Festival Environmental Policies will be published over the coming months via One Tribe News https://audiofarmfestival.org/news/

One Love, One Tribe