We’re absolutely ecstatic to have Manchester’s legendary Homoelectric bringing us a well-needed dose of their own brand of rainy-city hedonism to our Sundance stage at Audio Farm Festival.

From the creators of Electric Chair and The End Of Year Riot right the way to Homobloc, The team behind Homoelectric has been fuelling the party flame in Manchester for over 3 decades with a genuine earnest attitude that prioritises the people on the dancefloor.
The lineup for their Audio Farm Festival doesn’t let this proud tradition down, with the great bear of the Berlin house scene, Prosumer and Manchester legend in her own right, DJ Paulette joining up for an onstage love-in.
Not being overshadowed, the Homoelectric residents are considered some of the finest selectors around in their own right and we’re lucky enough to be seeing Gina Breeze and Will Tramp exposing you to a sleazy underbelly of Manchester’s vibrant club culture with their own inimitable obnoxious cocktail of black curtain disco, muscular house, and rampant chunky grooves.

In fine fashion to mark the announcement of Homoelectric at Audio Farm, Will Tramp sat down to create a scientifically perfect mixtape in the form of a Spotify playlist for your journey down to Hopton Court this September.
All that Will has  asked for in return is that you file this under: ‘Road Trip Slayers’

You can catch Will and all the team assembled, plying their trade on the Friday of the festival.