You are invited to the Audio Farm Festival Opening Cacao Ceremony and 432hz Sacred Sound Immersion hosted by Cacao Club. We start as we mean to go on…

Regeneration or degeneration? you have a choice.
Join us for a wonderful heart opening Cacao Ceremony and 432hz Sacred Sound Immersion. To cover the cost of preparation we ask for a donation of £15 per person. To book your place please visit our tickets page www.onetribeeventhire.com/tickets

At 5pm on Thursday 2nd September we invite you to join the founders of Cacao Club for a 2-hour journey with sacred ceremonial Cacao as your partner and ally, this is a great time for intention setting, for a check in…to leave the outside world, fully experience yourself, shake off the stress and to join in community and connect with like minded souls…Come create a space for yourself to move into the festival shenanigans with full awareness, presence and clarity.

Ceremonial Cacao
Organic, pure and not sourced from hybrid or farmed strains of cacao plants. The ceremonial cacao we use is a plant medicine from Peru. Ceremonial Grade Cacao with high energetic vibration is selected for this purpose. This is sacred and very precious chocolate.  Raw, (un-roasted) ceremonial grade cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy.

This sacred Food of the Gods can assist in a deep yet gentle opening of the heart and mind to transform the physical, mental, emotional and energetic path of our individual spiritual journey. Often used for emotional detox, cacao releases fears and inhibitions so we may connect with wherever you source your guidance

How to Prepare:
To ensure the best experience please see our recommendations below

Water! Ensure you are topped up! Before and after! We are preparing for this incredible substance and it is such a miraculous conductor I am sure you can put two and two together – Bring water! Hydration is good!

Wear something comfortable and bring a scarf or blanket & pillow for additional comfort, if you have a yoga mat please feel free to bring that along to lie on for the sound bath!
Relaxed, cosy and warm is what we are after for the sound bath for full vibrational integration!

Our recommendation is eating lightly in the day. Its a good idea to avoid food, particularly dairy or drinking caffeine or alcohol in the 2 hours before we meet…this helps us absorb the Cacao magic and journey deeper…

Theobromine in Cacao contains natural MAOIs so therefore please would you let us know beforehand if you are taking any anti-depressants or medications and cacao doses will be adjusted accordingly. Anyone who is pregnant or has give birth recently please get in touch prior to the event, any medical issues please pm us or give us a call.

Andrea Profiitt

Co founder of Cacao Club, founder of Crystal Sound Alchemy & Craftanoons and guardian of The Food Forest.

From Peru & Bolivia to North America to Guatemala and our wonderful Cacao Shaman Keith Wilson & our beloved Cacao Deva. The last 5 years have been spent in deep transformation. I have worked with Cacao now personally for the last 6 years have trained in a number of disciplines working with plant medicines throughout, these experiences have guided me to connect and plug in to some of the earth’s major vortexes. Activating, humbling and beautiful, I am in deep gratitude for sharing, connection, personal practices, teachers encountered & teachings experienced. The learning continues always. The time for sharing is now.

The work I do grounds all our bodies and stabilises us in the physical with full embodiment, working with ancient and modern tools we become our own vibration ally. Essentially it is about fully experiencing ourselves, coming- into- unity or community! finding our home note, in all our divine beauty with ease and grace. I am a Workshop facilitator, Crystal Bowl Sound practitioner – Breathe work coach – Cacao facilitator – Reiki Master – A student of the ancient mysteries my true passion remains in inner space alchemy and empowering people through shared knowledge and truth. May we all be blessed with all we need.




My background is music and this led to a chance encounter with Cacao whilst DJ’ing at a friends birthday party. It was clear there was magic in this medicine that needed to be explored further. This progressed into founding Forever Cacao as an outlet for the Cacao in the form of multi award winning Chocolate bars.

Making music and putting on parties has been intrinsic in my life to date and the combination of plant medicine, sacred space and sound go together in such a way it’s hard to put into words! Our Cacao Club concept has been bubbling as an idea for a few years and now is the time to create the space for fun and free expression with a soundtrack that truly takes you on a journey.

I saw this quote which sums it all up “a truly great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJ’ing is not about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place. In the hands of a master, music can create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives.”