This little nook of the festival is home to an assortment of fascinating talks, debates and lectures with subjects ranging from animal welfare, philosophy and physics right the way through consciousness expansion.

Dan Yr Haul/Under the Sun



An introduction to one of Wales’s most-loved myths through group storytelling with bilingual company Dan Yr Haul/Under the Sun, inspiring new myths to be written and performed by workshop participants! Festivals are a magical place with plenty of costumed inspiration taken from myths and legends, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce people to Wales’s vast mythical history to inspire new stories for the unicorns, mermaids, wizards and fairies of today!


How do we communicate something we believe in without sounding ranty/preachy? How can change be instigated through dialogue? This workshop with Welsh company Dan Yr Haul/Under the Sun will focus on building skills in listening to differing opinions on issue based work, through activities which engage participants in areas of interests/beliefs which differ from their own, and building body language analysis/group dynamic analysis through small drama-based tasks.

Dominic Dyer

Dominic Dyer is one of the Britain’s leading wildlife protection campaigners, writers and broadcasters

Today Dominic is  CEO of the Badger Trust and Policy Adviser at the Born Free Foundation, he is also a lay member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses Council.


Badgered to Death : Interview

Dominic will be interviewed by naturalist and broadcaster Charlie Moores on writing his book Badgered to Death the People and Politics of the Badger Cull to be followed by questions from the audience and a book signing

Badgered to Death is a hard hitting and controversial book which looks at the demonisation of the badger over the past 40 years and how it is now being killed in large numbers for short term political and economic interests in an attempt to lower bovine TB in cattle with no scientific, animal welfare or cost justification.

As the badger cull is expected to be rolled out to Cheshire at the end of August this will be a very timely discussion

The power of wildlife campaigning

Dominic will be interviewed by naturalist and broadcaster Charlie Moores on his work as a leading wildlife campaigner in Britain today. From his work leading over 40 protests marches across the country against the badger cull, to the mass protests he has helped organise at the Japanese Embassy in London against the slaughter of dolphins at Taiji Cove in Japan, to bringing over 5,000 people to the gates of Downing Street on the eve of the General Election to stop the return of fox hunting, Charlie will be talking to Dominic about the power of public protests to influence politicians, business leaders and the wider public when it comes to protecting wildlife

The session will include excerpts of video footage and speeches from major protest events held over the past 4 years and a questions from the audience

Dr Iain Hossack

Dr Iain Hossack CEnv PhD BSc Hons (1st Class) MIEnvSc is a sustainability practitioner with expertise in all areas of environmental stewardship, economic development, social responsibility and associated impact assessments. He is currently providing business support – focussing on energy management; and auditing of environmental practice – within various sectors including food and drink; festivals (UK and international); and construction.

Sustainability in the Stars?

Is it easier to head to the stars, rather than be sustainable within a “one planet economy”. This talk will be highly provocative, based on an objective evaluation of current practice in development aimed to keep us, the human race, sustainable. You will be empowered with a deeper fundamental awareness of the principles of sustainability, giving you the confidence to take positive steps to secure our future. This workshop is designed to be both informative and thought provoking. It fits with the spirit of the green movement to facilitate free thought and challenging perspectives. The message does not negate, but rather complements and enhances, current environmental concerns and practice.

Dr Jeannine Goh & Cheryl O’Meara

Dr Jeannine Goh is a motivational speaker, psychologist and Yoga teacher.  She is the founder and director of Awespace which is a collective of amazing, inspirational and driven academics, artists, musicians and generally fantastic people.

Awespace has ran its own ‘Magic of Life Festival’ and produces inspiring books, music and runs events to try and find better ways of living and being.  Jeannine has spent the last few years studying the texts of the Great Ancient Mystics and her new book will be out later in the year.  Cheryl O’Meara is a highly successful enterpreneur and director of an antique textile archive, she is also an artist and designer and is about to start training as a one-spirit Reverend and celebrant.

How to be ‘larger than life’

When you hear someone described as ‘larger than life’ or as a ‘great force of nature’ what image comes to mind?  They are someone who walks into room and everyone feels it and everyone notices.  They don’t even have to say anything, it is not even what they look like but we all feel their presence.  In this talk Jeannine will delve deeper into what makes people become ‘larger than life’ and how we all can let nature, the life-force and LIFE itself thrive through us.  ‘Ask not what the world wants of your but what makes you feel alive and go and do it.  The world needs people who are truly alive.’ It needs people who are letting the life-force thrive through them.  Jeannine invites you to ‘come alive’.

Zoe Wild

Wild Medicine

Zoe Wild has just completed her degree in Herbal Medicine. She has spent the last 4 years studying science, and learning about the healing properties of our natural world. For the last two years she has been taking patients, under the supervision of a collection of inspiring qualified herbalists.

Since she was a little girl, Zoe has been fascinated by plants. She would spend hours drawing them, perfecting the drawings until she felt they reflected the plants’ essence and beauty. The plants have called to her. They have healed her. She is passionate about empowering individuals in their own healing, through gently educating about the more ancient and holistic ways of the herbs. Then people have the ways and means to take their health into their own hands. Her mission is to exercise healthy discernment, shed stigma, remove conditioning’s and have fun with the ones which grow all around us. Utilising the natural preventative and curative power of the herbs and working in harmony with nature, Zoe hopes to bring you back to your natural state of health, wellness and happiness.

Cat Nightingale

Cat is passionate about Sexuality and the new paradigm in Spiritual awakening…. meaning that she combines all the sexy stuff from Tantra alongside a ‘let’s not beat ourselves up anymore’ approach to Spiritual practice so that we can step into our loving, powerful, integrity as human beings.

Cat has been guiding initiates in one-to-one and couple sessions for over 5 years and holds group workshop space internationally. She has trained with just about every Tantra teacher under the sun and integrated that learning into a depth and breadth of wisdom which she offers in her unique ‘no nonsense’ style. Cat is passionate about sharing Tantric principles in groups and community so we can all support each other in our growth and unending flowering.

Cat has devised the one day Energy Sex workshop, as well as Erostasy… an ecstatic Tantric Dance event… and runs Intensive Trainings in the UK.

Bringing you back home to your true, raw, sexual nature…

In Energy Sex we discover that sex is actually energy rather than genital friction.
We learn how to cultivate our own sexual energy and move it around the body, as well as the fundamental masculine and feminine energies inside us.
Moving on, we become intimate with our bodies responses to the other…. those of attraction, re-bounding, and coming alongside so that we can engage authentically with other humans.

If you’re lucky and we have time, we might even finish off with a group Energy Orgasm

Dan Sherwen

I’m a Chartered Engineer, living and working in the UK. In recent years have awoken to the fact that my real passion is human consciousness, and its ability to unlock humanities true potential. Each and every one of us has this ability within us, we were born with it.

Since 2014, I’ve been on a personal journey of “awakening”. This has allowed me to begin to transcend from a FEAR centric existence to a life centred on LOVE.  When not working as an engineer, my focus is based on raising consciousness at an individual level, leading to societal change.

A Transpersonal Journey – Fear, Consciousness and LOVE

Dan shares his Transpersonal Journey; which has allowed him to gradually “awakening” from his “Dream”. He discusses nonordinary states of consciousness and how they have awoken within him a deep sense of our true nature as human beings, that nature is LOVE. Dan provides a personal perspective at an individual and societal level with regards to Fear & Love and suggested some simple step we can take to rediscover our true essence.

Nicholas Ansell

Recent graduate from the University of Manchester studying International Relation. Particular focus was given to Critical approaches to Environmental and Global issues which spurred him to centre his final year dissertation on international sustainable development.

Sustainable Development in the Third World

The talk itself will focus on how ‘sustainability’ as a concept has been transformed from being something environmental to being associated as an economic term. This transfer has enabled private development firms and industries to further exploit the most vulnerable people in some of the poorest countries. Nicholas will look at how ‘sustainability’ has been re-defined and how this fits in with the wider language of Development practices in the Third World.

Chris Deojee

Chris is an experienced teacher of Toltec Gender and a radical linguistic philosopher.  He has been teaching his unique and potent system of insights and knowledge for 10 years. He calls his work Mental Healing to tackle a western pandemic he calls ‘mental disembodiment’ and return us to our indigenous nature with an integrated mind & body.

Chris lives in Suffolk, England and is in a committed long term relationship with 3 children and another new addition on the way!  They home educate their children while Chris teaches his evolutionary work on Gender, Language and Perception around the world.

Gender Geometry – Finding gender peace & healthy relationships

Understand gender geometry and you have the keys to powerful communication and healthy, progressive relationships.  We are all whole beings, and we all have the masculine and feminine poles in us, regardless of our sex.  This fact is what has given rise to the mass gender fluidity of recent decades. By understanding what they ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like, you can know when to flip, when to flow, when to let go….and when to make a hard point.

Claire Marshall

Archaeologist and musician Claire Marshall is a member of the Chartered institute for Archaeology and freelance archaeologist with research interests in the Mesolithic/Neolithic transitions in the Hebridean region of western Scotland; special reference to the ecologies of environment and technological choice.

Claire is the director of Plateau Archaeology, a commercial archaeological company which, in addition to development mitigation, also coordinates community archaeology projects and education. These projects seek to empower individuals to take ownership of their local heritage and to advance the knowledge base for wider engagement opportunities within historical and archaeological research.

She has also been involved in the electronic music scene in Europe and North America/Canada DJing since 1998 with a unique brand of atmospheric, soulful, dark techno and house, world music and ambient sounds.

Archaeo-acoustics and deep listening – What can we learn about our experience of sound from the past?

A lively interactive talk which will introduce the audience to the study of acoustic archaeology, and the study of sound in the past with psycho-acoustics and the comparison of the experience of sound in the present. We will touch upon ideas of architecture, the realms of ritual sound: its relevance to archaeological interpretation and its association with deep listening techniques. We will finish the session with some exercises in deep listening.

Eivind Skjellum

Eivind, a student of human potential for 16+ years, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of archetypes and masculine psychology, an ever-curious student of consciousness, and a true visionary and trailblazer.

From his base in Oslo, Norway, he continues his work of empowering ever growing numbers of people to give their unique gifts to the planet in this time of great need.

Reclaim your Inner Throne: A map to mature manhood

Eivind is the founder of Reclaim your Inner Throne, a powerful initiation for men. His experience suggests that every man, in the deepest parts of his being, longs desperately to give his gifts to the world. Having gone on archeological digs into the masculine soul for a decade, he finally discovered a unique map which helps men create lives of giving those gifts. In his talk, he will use this map as basis for a fascinating and challenging exploration of mature masculinity.

Bard For Life (Gareth Davies)

30 years written and spoken word. Performance poetry, storytelling nationwide. Novel in verse, ebook and audio book to be published 2017 currently being illustrated. Themes from nature, awakening, revolution, the wild, the wicked and the ridiculous.  This, inevitably, may sometimes include cats.

Roisin McClearn

So… I am a jaded bitter soul of carnage and curiosity out to find romance in every area of my life whilst I wander this strange planet riddled with  contradictory, expressionless humans who seem to dis-regard their nature for precisely the same attire just refashioned using plastic, you know molded slightly more specifically, lasts longer, easier to paint than skin… I deliver a brutal version of your feelings and do not promise to bring joy. But I can guarantee a few smirks, maybe even laughs, and a good dose of wistfulness overridden quickly by the urge to stop staring on into the sunset and go and do something risky and spontaneous such as getting tattooed by your friend, saving the planet or just saying a big fuck you to the man as personally as you possibly can. I encourage reality, creatively, but will never lose myself within the realms of frilly ribbons and pink bow ties.

Ben Fletcher

My name is Benjamin Rivers Fletcher, as for stage names, still writing ones down to pick out a hat, always change my one stage identity, like David Bowie but less sparkly.

My art struggles to be categorised, wavering between completely abstract expression, movement theatre, poetry, rap, punk, etc… but it is often concentrated upon the impossibility to really communicate how we feel with ordinary language and reaching towards some more profound and universal, alien mode of communicating, maybe by simply ignoring normal modes of constructing a sentence, or standing still and staring into space for an hour whilst groaning spasmodically and twitching a bit, there’s no way to define what might happen, because it’s often very reactive and momentary. You could describe it maybe as shamanic art, but even then that fails to encompass what to expect. Some people think of me as a modern day jester, but to me that title seems a little cliche. In a nut shell, that’s that.

For photos and website, please check my Facebook: There are some photos on their from last year’s audio farmed but be warned by look is always changing.


The Roots Project Takeover

On Saturday 5th August, The Roots Project will be taking over the Speakers Keep with a lineup of their team of inspirational change makers.

For more information on the Roots Project, check out:

www.therootsproject.com | Ancient Futures Festival | Roots at One Tribe

Nicola Peel – Eyes of Gaia

Winner of the People’s Environment Awards – Campaigner of the Year and Finalist in the Guardian Observer Ethical Awards.Nicola has been working, for most of her adult life, in the finding solutions. Blessed with common sense, she has focused on finding solutions to the numerous environmental and social problems she has encountered. Since 2000 she has been working in the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Vicky Sinclair – Technoshamanic tribal council

Have you ever wondered why we rave? Felt lost at parties, started to feel energies, telepathy, a connectedness to ‘source’ energy while you dance? Why are we partying? What are we part of? What can we become?

In tribal systems, the voices of all members of the tribe are listened to and the oral tradition is the preferred way of communicating. In honouring the tribalism that festivals remind us of, we are holding a special tribal council on Saturday at One Tribe to re-member the shamanic art of dance, festivals, the electronic scene, hacker culture as a response and reaction to Babylonian constructs and emancipation for the soul!

In this talking and listening circle we will share our experiences, stories and contextualise the history of the free party scene. Key members of the free party movement in Europe will be sharing their wisdom as we feed back to our communities and give an opportunity for you to also share and activate your visions for conscious raving for planetary alignment and emancipation in this new galactic year of the Yellow Crystal Seed.

The session and sacred space will be hosted by Victoria Sinclair is a holistic healing facilitator, collaborator in the technoshaman movement and works with numerous indigenous tribes around the world as a culture bridge. She studies and practices transpersonal (eco)psychology and utilising various shamanic principles in her work which she was initiated into within the free party scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Some key themes we will explore
• What is technoshamanism
• How did this culture come about
• How can we take rave culture and festivals to another level?
• Trauma
• Altered states of consciousness
• Psycho spiritual emergences
• How can conscious raving enable planetary alignment in these dystopic times?

Dr. Rosalyn Bold

Rosalyn is an anthropologist working among Callawaya shamans in highland Bolivia. Her work deals with indigenous perceptions of climate change, challenging the hegemony of western scientific beliefs to explore, understand and confer with ‘worlds otherwise’. She is currently editing a volume collecting indigenous narratives of climate change from across the Americas, bringing them into equal conversation with modernist scientific narratives.

Steve Jones – Sector 39

Steve Jones is a teacher and practitioner of permaculture design, with more than 25 years of hands-on experience and with qualifications in teaching and sustainable development. Steve delivers up to six on-site permaculture design certificate courses each year alongside numerous shorter courses. Steve is Director at Sector39, an independent enterprise running courses, developing permaculture projects, housing cooperatives and promotes permaculture related teaching resources.

David Morris – The Two Ecosystems

Is a conservation scientist that has found out that in situ conservation is ineffective. The source of nature’s suffering lies at the feet of humanities consumerism habits and unsustainable agricultural practices. Working with nature became the only way of thinking for me and the more i learn of permaculture and other natural principles to grow food the more convinced i am of it being the way forward for the inhabitants of this planet.

Olly Boon – The Roots Project

Olly is the founder and visionary developer of The Roots Project, A global marketplace for indigenous and intercultural arts. Over the past Since 2014 he has been designing and refining permaculture models which connect indigenous communities to the global marketplace. Working with a team of product developers, fashion designers and musicians, the Roots Project helps to facilitate modern adaptations of ancestral art. Through these bridges, he’s helping to seed and support regenerative development models which self manage and self replicate, acting as a catalyst for global transformation.

Robert Powell

No mans land- the only way out – a talk on the art of self delusion

Let me introduce myself, I am Robert Powell a 52 year old single parent of 3, not significant in itself but I am also a recovered alcoholic and addict coming up to 5 years now. I want to tell you my story which I will, in terms of loss of connection and delusion, in addiction self-delusion becomes the way of life, a coping mechanism, the fact we are not connected seems to make that possible. First, I would like to talk about addiction, what is it? There are many descriptions and interpretations of what people say it is, I am an alcoholic what does that conjure up in your mind, a drunk on a park bench? When I first went into recovery they said alcoholism is not about drinking, it is an illness that’s its behind, that alcohol is only a symptom of a far greater ill, “Rubbish!” I thought – why would they call it alcoholism then? Surely the name was the clue. Then they told me it’s a threefold illness, physical mental and spiritual, mind body and soul my friends it affects all three.

I will tell you the story of my journey together with much information I have collected and witnessed from others, I have seen miracles in term of human behaviour not dissimilar to ones written about in the bible.

Asia Janusz


Asia Janusz is a ‘Food-as-medicine’ shamanic practitioner.

In this workshop Asia will talk a little bit about her own ‘awakening’ through plant food medicine.

Asia will demonstrate and guide us through the shamanic principles of using food as medicine; Connecting to the land and foraging food in the wild; The vibration of preparation and cooking; The psycho-spiritual nourishment and healing of eating with intention.

‘Food-as-medicine’ is a daily practice that is open to anyone. Small changes to the way we approach food and our bodies can create deep and lasting transformation to our health and overall well being.

Robbie Williams

The people have the power (and where to find it)

Knowledge of our constitution has been lost over time, it’s power and relevance today subjugated.

We need to restore the rule of law to the people by demanding our inalienable constitutional rights if we are to make a better future for each other.

British constitution group

Article 61 magna carta and lawful rebellion

The new chartist movement