Tent of Symmetry

Underneath the canvas of The Tent of Symmetry you will find the tools to expand your mind, revitalize the soul and realign the body’s chakras. The Tent of Symmetry offers a variety of workshops, yoga, gong baths, guided meditations, shamanic journeys. As well as fascinating talks from speakers such as Bruce Parry who we were fortunate enough to host in 2021.

Hemp Redemption

Hemp Redemption is a 100% fully solar powered off grid stage hosted by the wondrous Mobius Loop, providing a space for poets, spoken word, acoustic music and open mic sessions, so bring an instrument and come say something! Kids are encouraged to take the limelight too and are the main focus of the artists on show.

Healing Area

Unwind with a massage and other therapies offered by our trained practitioners, in a peaceful area away from the music and the crowds.

Sacred Fire & Jamming

The fire area provides a space for chilling, jamming, chatting, unwinding and meeting new found friends. The glowing embers cast magnificent shadows and warmth late into the night. Bring an instrument and join in to the spontaneous jam sessions that Audio Farm is known for.